Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lab results

Here it is a month gone already and I haven't posted anything. I was never much of one for journals.

I got the results of the lab work from my last checkup two weeks ago:

Blood Sugar:
Fasting - 130
A1C - 6.4

Total - 159
HDL - 43
LDL - 90
Trigl - 130

Blood Pressure:

I am very pleased with the results. In addition, I feel at least ten years younger (which is to say I probably feel like my actual 43, and not like an old geezer).

My weight is down to 264. That's a forty pound loss since August of 2005. I'm beginning to see my next goal of 250 on the horizon. If everything goes like it's been going, I should get there by mid to late summer.

Exercise is probably the single most important factor to which I can attribute this improvement. I now get a forty-minute workout on the treadmill on a regular basis. A few of those minutes are spent actually jogging these days. After I work on the treadmill I do some pushups. I can only do about ten at a time. I do three sets of ten with about a minute rest in between.

BG readings at night are quite good. Last night it was 112. Of course, this morning it was 121.

I remain...

Mr. Dawn Phenomenon.


Anonymous Rob said...

Great to read about your progress. I've got similar lab results as yours. But I was diagnosed with Type II over ten years ago. I struggled with weight all my life and I can readily identify with what you write about exercise. Both that it can be a chore and also that it correlates for me with better glucose control, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. I had to add insulin to my regimen about 4 years ago. I've recently added Byetta which is prescribed as an adjunct to metformin. It's added benefit is that it reduces appetite for many and helps reduce weight. It's downside is that it's an injectible (with a fairly easy to use pen needle device). But for me it's getting me off insulin. Good health and good luck.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Kerri. said...

Mr. DP,

I've just come across your blog and happy to have found you. Welcome to the diabetes blogosphere! I write the blog Six Until Me. and would love to add you to my blogroll.

Congratulations on your weight loss and your great lab results. I have been a type one diabetic for the last 20 years and have been on an insulin pump for the last two and a half.

I hope to see you posting again soon!

-- Kerri.

9:34 PM  

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