Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Supplements, etc.

Aw, heck! Now I've been mentioned on Diabetes Mine, so I guess I better write something.

Recent interesting diabetes news:

Most of you have probably already heard that the brain plays a significant part in BG control, but in case you haven't...

More evidence that genetics is involved in diabetics.

As important as finding a cure is, so are advances in treatment to repair damage.

My experience with supplements can be summed up in two words: "mostly harmless". I have tried a number of things: chromium picolinate, cinnamon, fenugreek. None of these supplements have appeared to have any effect on my BG numbers.

One thing that does seem to help some is ginseng. I have tried both the Siberian and American variety. I take a 550mg tablet right after a meal along with my metformin. It seems to lower my BG a few points (ten or so), as compared to times when I take the metformin alone.

In fact, the only thing that has a significant positive effect on my BG (apart from diet) is exercise. That will be the subject of a future post.

At least supplements are (relatively) cheap, easy to find, and mostly harmless.


Anonymous Joe Diabetic said...

I've been reading your journal. We sound an awful lot alike. I'm a little older and about 40 lbs lighter, but definitely a fellow traveller on the diabetes road.

I've also been doing really well controlling (not managing) my BG with diet and exercise, but I can't seem to beat back the darn dawn phemomenon.

I've started taking Diabeticine, which is an absurdly expensive supplement containing lots of vitimins, minerals, and herbs. My BG numbers have gone down significantly in the month I've been taking it. I'm now usually between 80 and 110 during the day, and anywhere from 135 - 155 when I wake up. These are about a 20-30 point drop from my original numbers.

However, I'm not sure how much to attribute to the Diabeticine, and how muuch is from the general lifestyle changes, which began at nearly the same time. I'd be interested in hearing any other opinions, anecdotal or not. After my current suppy runs out I'm gong to do without for a while, and see how my numbers are effected. I'll let you know.

Good luck, and keep up the good work.

8:23 AM  
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